Heartfelt Lifestyle Design

What if creating a world of resplendent beauty could be easy?

What if your unique, heartfelt style could flow easily through every aspect of your life, enriching and deepening every moment?

Embrace these possibilities by simply relaxing into your own aesthetic and allowing your heart to have a voice in the choices you make. That’s what is possible with the journey to your own particular style expression.

Jodi is here to act as both guide and inspiration.

Start here: You—exactly as you are right now—are enough. You are perfect.

Then: explore ways of creating your home space. Surround yourself with possessions that reflect you and delight you. Dress yourself, adorn yourself, plan your day, and engage with others with intention and heart.

Never forget what really matters.

“I have so much gratitude for my clients trusting in me to create such personal spaces  for them.”

Boutique Home Design: Inspired Lifestyle Homescapes

Jodi’s primary inspiration in home design is the client. Within a relationship of trust and mutual respect, she looks deeply at her clients’ lifestyle, tastes, travels, family, age, hobbies, and stories. She knits her own sense of style and broad experience with every element of home design into the client’s vision. She dives in passionately and completely, attending to every detail.

Like an author searching out the perfect words to create a beautiful story, Jodi seeks out the perfect combination of pieces to create an inspired, nourishing, personalized, and splendid curated home environment.

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Jodi has the kind of style that’s hard to put one’s finger on.

One client, after returning home to his finished design and seeing the way she’d translated his family’s home into something unexpected, beautiful and livable, dubbed her special touches “Jodi-isms.”