Lifestyle Design Philosophy

It’s more than
just design

The Jodi Jae way

Jodi is a lifestyle enthusiast and expert who creates resplendent surroundings, wardrobes and products for modern women and their families. Jodi’s designs are personal, beautiful, and meaningful, created through a deep understanding of her clients’ lives and preferences.

It’s about you…

Heartfelt, personalized design that is beautiful and splendid – that is about embracing and magnifying who you are.

and living mindfully

Lifestyle design that reflects mindful living is about creating surroundings that continually reinforce your life’s deepest intentions.

“When women are absolutely themselves, they are absolutely beautiful.”

Women Engaged in the World

Modern women. Grown-up women. Women who are engaged in the world, invested in spiritual growth, and dedicated to family and career.

Women who have lived through a few challenges and have either hit their groove or are ready to take whatever steps are necessary to get there.

Women who know who they are and what they want their lives to be like; who are hungry to live and express themselves more authentically, with more heart; and are ready for skilled guidance in manifesting their vision.

Elegance and Wisdom

The confluence of elegance and wisdom.

Style not as an escape but a return home – a way to actively integrate every part of yourself.

In Jodi’s world, style is not about emulating someone else. It’s about love, heart and joy; about being fully yourself and celebrating being there. The comfort found in that space creates ease in relationships with others and with yourself. It elevates every conversation. It reminds you at every turn about what matters.

Jodi is about finding lifestyle elements for women who are ready to be fully themselves, for themselves. And she is about enjoying the ride: a soulful, unique, personal experience of exploring one’s own style, finding ideas and images and sensations that resonate.