You know that fire that burns in your belly telling you that the life you’ve been living—no matter how blessed—isn’t big enough to contain what wants to come through you? It’s a feeling I’ve become well acquainted with the past few months as I committed to reimagining my business, creating a brand new online presence and platform, and laying plans to open a lifestyle boutique in the fall.

It’s not that I had all this free time and needed something to do with it. Who has free time these days? Jodi Jae made it clear that it—no she—wanted to come through me. Sounds crazy, right? Maybe. Call me crazy, it wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last.

But if anything is true for me, this is true: Jodi Jae is my baby, my fifth one to be exact, after my four beautiful sons, who are in various stages of boy and manhood. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it: they are—each and every one—amazing, and my greatest teachers.

Let’s say that Jodi Jae is my first girl. A fiercely determined, unconditionally loving, peace-loving and making, thought-provoking, heartfelt, soulful, dream-making, wonder-filled, global change-agent kind of girl.

Everyone has a superpower. Yes, you do too. If there’s one super-power I’d pick for Jodi Jae, it’s this: Resplendence.

Resplendent : late Middle English from Latin. ‘Shining out’

roots: re– expressing intensive force + splendere to glitter

Most of us are used to hearing about radiance as a primary feminine quality. I love this, the reality that at the heart of the feminine is our ability to simply be and shine as we are. This attractive force provides light, heat and healing for so many. I say yes to radiance.

And then there’s resplendence, oh resplendence. To express intensive force and glitter at the same time. So many of us as little girls were told we had to choose to either express intensive force or glitter. Either be more like what our culture expects of boys, or fall in line with the cultural expectation of girls.

I don’t know about you, but this was confusing for me. I was driven and determined from a young age and willing to do what it took to be successful and accomplished in what still looked like a man’s world. At the same time, the world of aesthetics and beauty called to me, somehow finding me in the middle of an Iowa cornfield.

I’ve gone back and forth between choosing one then the other, only to go back and forth again. Talk about dizzying. Until I finally gave myself permission to live both at once. And I know that as a forty-something western woman in 2014, I’m not the only one.

When I hear “resplendence” I hear, yes shine brightly and yes unleash your power in the world. And to me, this is how I think that we women will create positive change in the world. It’s how we’re already doing it. One relationship, family and community at time.

In my opening post, I closed with “Shine with me?” So now that we’re shining together, will you join me in committing to express intensive force in the world? The kind that comes from the depth of your heart, that wants the best for yourself, your family, your community, and all beings everywhere.

I’m thinking that if we all come together in this commitment, there’s not a mountain we can’t move. And heavens knows, there are a few that need some moving.

Resplendently yours,


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