Mindful Lifestyle Design

Everything we let into our lives impacts us, often more deeply that we know. The quality of our food, how regularly we exercise, the depth of our conversations, the meaningfulness of our work in the world, the people we choose as friends, our intimate partners, and our relationships with family all combine to create the landscape of our lives.

Then there are what most of us call “the more superficial things.” Homes, furnishings and clothing often go in this category. And on a certain level, it’s true they are more superficial. People and our health are more important than homes, possessions and clothing. But calling these items superficial robs us of the opportunity to know and embrace their deeper value.

These so-called “more superficial things” are key to taking the more meaningful aspects of our lives to the next level.¬†When we surround and adorn ourselves with items that embrace, reflect and magnify who we are, our relationships and health are able to thrive in a whole new way.

Our surroundings either nourish us or deplete us. It’s no different than food really. Eat potato chips and feel one way, eat fresh local produce and feel another. And we all thrive on different diets. And so it goes with our surroundings. We do best when our surroundings match our own temperaments and aspirations.

When I design a homespace for a client, I take all aspects of their lives into account so the home becomes a constant source of personalized nourishment and a living invitation to step into their best selves.

The architecture of our homes when aligned with the architecture of our hearts creates a welcoming space that invites our families to relax into and live from the truth of who we are. When stepping into such houses, guests not only feel invited into our homes, they feel invited into our hearts.

This is something we can all do, regardless of where we live, our life circumstances, or even budget. It’s as simple as looking around your home and current belongings and noticing what brings you joy. Dare to arrange a room around a few items you already have that delight you. Make it a showcase and offering of your delight.

No act of mindfulness is too small to warrant taking the time and attention. With each choice we make, we create the world around us.

I invite you into an ongoing design conversation where the latest trends will intersect with the timelessness of living from the heart. Together we’ll explore what it takes to design your life around the voice of your heart. These voices are surely calling us home. So, what we waiting for?

Joyfully not waiting anymore,


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