About Jodi

Jodi McErlean, Heart and Soul of Jodi Jae

Jodi is a seasoned, widely respected interior designer and curator of all things beautiful, heartfelt and meaningful. Her designs have been featured in Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens and House Beautiful.

She thrives most when supporting clients in surrounding themselves with objects, colors, clothing and food that bring delight to their hearts. Her innate, highly-cultivated aesthetic sense and her empathetic nature allow her to tap into her client’s deepest heart, then translate this knowing into surroundings and a lifestyle that match.

Jodi’s designs are fresh, inviting, personal, and innovative. She takes into account architecture and surroundings to create contextual and all encompassing looks that reflect and enhance the elements at play.

Jodi guides clients in integrating their whole story: not leaving out any of who they are and finding ways to use design to celebrate where they’ve come from and where they’re headed. In particular, she supports women in integrating their voices, stories and passions — all of who they are — into the lifestyle design process and in all areas of their lives.

Her lifestyle boutique, Jodi Jae, will open its doors in The Woodlands, TX, in 2014.