Celebrating Freedom

Growing up in a culture where our foundational story is about freedom and independence has left its mark on me. With the upcoming anniversary of our country declaring independence, I like to think about what independence and freedom mean to me.

First, I remember and honor my maternal grandfather Russell “Bud” Lacher who fought in WWII, and often reminded me to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy that are all too easy to take for granted.  As I celebrate American independence my thoughts always return to the brave men and women who protect those very freedoms for us all. Without them, our country wouldn’t be what it is today, nor would I.

As a mother of four boys in various stages of boy and manhood, I’ve experienced the joy of watching them claim their own freedom as they begin to blaze their own paths. I was talking with my almost sixteen year old son last week about creating the kind of life that fits us, versus following the path someone else or society thinks we should take. I was impressed at his mature insights into himself and his commitment to create the life he wants. It took me much longer than sixteen years to figure that one out!

As Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “With great freedom comes great responsibility.” I couldn’t agree more. I think that possibly the greatest responsibility any of us has is to be guardians of our thoughts, for our thoughts become emotions, emotions become words and words spark actions. Within each thought is a seed that creates a real effect in the world. So as I celebrate the freedom that we have and the freedom that we are, I take the responsibility to be guardian of my thoughts to heart.

With this spirit of mindfulness of thought, intention and action I plan to share ideas for celebrating the 4th this year on my facebook page this week. I hope they spark inspiration for your own 4th of July celebrations. And of course, more than anything, I encourage you to follow the beat of your own heart when it comes to creating a holiday celebration that delights your uniquely independent spirit.

Yours in freedom,


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