Falling Apart Together

Do you have a story buried inside that you dare not tell? I think many of us do. Maybe we conceal them to present an image that we’ve got it all together. If others perceive us in such a way, then it must be so, no matter what those doubting voices in our own minds tell us in our more vulnerable moments.

This website and blog—the whole Jodi Jae platform—is about integrating heartfelt lifestyle design in all areas of our lives. If we’re not sharing the stories that live deep within us, they get in the way of living from our hearts.

My hope in sharing my own story is to do my part in removing the pressure that comes from appearing like we’ve got it all together. Sometimes having your world fall apart is the biggest gift you never thought you wanted. At least this is what I’ve found to be true for myself.

I want to live an ever more heart-centered and soul-infused life. If you’re reading this, I imagine you do to. Here’s my story of how I went from my world falling apart to the birth of Jodi Jae, a place to share from my deepest heart.

My Story

My family was featured in House Beautiful the month my first husband and I were separated. To the world we appeared as a model American family, both having come from humble beginnings to rise to success as our culture defines it. Together we had four beautiful sons and a thriving international custom home design business when I found out my husband was gay. With this truth revealed, everything I thought I knew about myself, my marriage, my family, and life in general dissolved like a sand castle by the water’s edge.

I enrolled in a two year spiritual psychology masters program and immersed myself in a process of self-discovery and introspection. I reflected on what I thought I knew about myself and about life in general.

Anything that didn’t stand up in the light of day had to go. And so it went, and so it goes.

After walking through the darkness, I emerged comfortable in my own skin, confident in my gifts and committed to sharing them with the world. With eyes wide open, I met my current husband  when I wasn’t looking and created a new life for myself and my boys.

I thought I had left behind the world of home design; it seemed like part of my old life. One by one former and new clients asked me to design their homes. I politely declined. That is until my current husband turned to me, and said, “Jodi, you say you want to give your gifts. People are asking. Why are you holding back now?” In an instant, I knew he was right.

I returned to home design, but I don’t design homes like I used to. There’s not much I do like I used to.

Instead of creating a vision of perfection, I’m more interested in finding out who lives in the home, how they live, and what would make their house feel even more like home. To them.

I think these home designs that come from the intimate relationships I form with my clients and the depth of their own hearts are the most beautiful homes I’ve ever designed.

They’re not staged to create some sort of image of perfection to guests, but to delight the homeowners themselves. This kind of delight is infectious, and then guests get to share in this delight. There’s no pressure for anyone to have it all together. You just can’t mess it up when you share from the heart.

That’s how I live now, and that’s what Jodi Jae is all about. When I write about lifestyle as it relates to home design, entertaining, life purpose, or giving back to our local and global communities, it always comes back around to this one simple concept: If it comes from the heart, then it’s the right thing to do.

Join me as we inspire one another to live ever more so from our hearts.

We’ll share our joys and challenges. And as we courageously tell the stories we’ve kept locked away, we’ll create more space for the light to shine through.

Shine with me?

From my heart to yours,


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