Design your world to fuel your dreams

Our environment, daily routines and mindset either set the stage for us to realize our dreams or create obstacles that get in the way. I’ve spent years considering how best to design my life to fuels my dreams. I’m at a place where my dreams are turning to reality almost faster than I can track.

With the hope that you’ll be inspired to design your world to fuel your own dreams, here are a few ways I’ve designed my world and the impact it’s had:

When designing my workspace, I thought about what I most want to create through my work in the world. To simply describe this space: it’s the place where beauty meets meaning meets connection.

I want to create more experiences for people to experience this inspiring alchemy. So my workspace reflects this: it’s an artfully lit bright space with an elegant desk that invites creativity, photos that spark innovation and remind me of who and what I most love, a candle with an ambrosic scent, and soothing music filling the air. Sound dreamy? It is!

Don’t take my word for it. You too can design your workspace to reflect who you are and what you want to create in the world. I’d love to see photos of what you create. Post them to the Jodi Jae Facebook page so they inspire the rest of us!

Just when I feel overloaded and on the edge of too-much, I know it’s time to take a break. That may mean a jaunt down to my Cabo retreat or an exotic location across the globe, or simply a weekend staycation where I unplug and unwind.

Any of these allows what has been in the way of freely flowing creativity to dissolve. Inspirations for design projects always follow. As I sit in stillness outside of my regular environment or routine, I am newly inspired to live the life the feels most true to me.

A cup of coffee, a workout, reading the paper, meditation…we all start the day somehow and it is by our own personal design that we get up and going.

Personally, I love greeting the day bright and early with a cup of coffee and a meditation outside by the fountain in our yard. The soothing sound of the water creates a peaceful place for my morning check-in. Then I’m off to the gym to tend to the physical and emotional. Physical and emotional health both seem to require sweat!

After this, I’m ready for whatever life throws my way. My morning routine is the perfect support for the rest of the day in my roles and mother, wife and entrepreneur.

It’s not so much the what here, but that you start the day in a way that takes into account the specifics of who you are, what you do and what you most want to create. Starting well is at least half the battle!

Freedom is a beautiful thing. Some days I just want to escape responsibilities surrounding work, family and life in general, and it just isn’t possible. What I’ve learned is that even though I can’t always change the circumstances, I can always change my perspective.

There’s no rule that I have to fulfill my responsibilities in the same way every day. There are many days I want to be outside enjoying the day instead of inside on a call or on the computer. So instead of ditching my work or depriving myself of the outdoors, I’ll take my laptop to a park bench. And what I reliably find is that when I listen to my impulse and find a happy compromise, I am even more efficient as I complete the task at hand.

We are free to design our lives however we want, and we’re free to change our minds. I’m committed to staying flexible and open as I continue to design my world so it works for me. Nothing in life is static and unchanging, so why should I be? Why should you?

I’d love to hear how you design your life to fuel your dreams or any challenges you’re facing doing so. Respond in the comments below or on Facebook, and I’ll be sure to get back to you with some fresh ideas to add to the mix.

To dreaming big and making it so,



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